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  鄭匡宇,政治大學哲學系學士,加州大學(UC Riverside)舞蹈史暨舞蹈理論博士。他是台灣的兩性作家、激勵達人,更是台灣唯一能流利運用中、英、日、韓四國語言的主持人。他希望能透過主持節目與論壇,營造一個極佳的平台,創造觀眾、來賓和自己三贏的局面。



    Dr. Cheng, Kuang-Yu is a writer, speaker, movie producer, and emcee based in Taiwan. He has published 20 books discussing the topics about love, wealth, health, relationship and the influence. He is the most famous motivational speaker in the Chinese world, and he aims at utilizing his stories in motivating young people worldwide to believe themselves and pursue their dreams. 

    With seven years' teaching experiences at Hongik University, Korea, he is the only emcee in Asia who can speak fluent Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean.  Dr. Cheng has been invited to give motivational talks at industry-leading companies such as UMC, TrendMicro, GE, and Dupont, as well as top-ranking universities such as Beijing University, Qinghua University, and Taiwan University.  

    He introduces the idea that everyone should promote themselves skillfully both in love life and career.  In the September of 2014, Dr. Cheng received the invitation from Facebook to give a speech at its headquarter, and he has launched his speech tour to different worldly-famous companies such as Samsung in Korea, Sony in Japan and LV in France, etc. in 2015. 


    Now, with all the experiences and knowledge, Dr. Cheng would help others to achieve their dreams by providing various courses.  Let's "Learn for Better" together!

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